May 14 • 1HR 39M

#54 - Self-Imposed Limitations Generate Meaning w/ O.G. Rose

A society of unfulfilled potentiality

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Ethan Nelson
Becoming Conscious is a podcast about understanding our inner nature and challenging the status quo. On this podcast we discuss nonduality, enlightenment, and self-inquiry as well as freedom, travel and living a fulfilling life. You can check out comprehensive show notes at
Cross-post from Becoming Conscious
I always have an amazing time with Ethan Nelson and enjoyed every minute of this discussion, which very much aligns with the topic of "belonging." -

In this episode of "Becoming Conscious" Ethan sits down with Daniel from the O.G. Rose duo to discuss imposing restrictions on yourself and your freedom in order to unlock meaning and purpose in your life. Furthering on that we talk about the trap of sitting in potentiality without any actuality. That self-imposed suffering as the key to meaning development.